SEM Company providing PPC solutions and Google Ads Campaign Management

Setting up a Google Ads campaign can be the most guaranteed way to drive people actively searching for your products or services to your business. It is a competitive form of marketing and one a business can achieve results with on even their very first day of operation. However it is important you don’t fall into the trap of companies who charge high fee’s and just simply group large bunches of mostly irrelevant keywords into a single ad group, a lazy approach that essentially wastes your budget.

If you are in Thailand, engage with a Google Ads Consultation in our Bangkok office.

A Google Ads budget can be quickly wasted if the proper keyword and competition research is not done, the right target audience is not nominated and your keywords are not properly grouped and attached to a certain ad designed specifically to generate click throughs for those keywords. Writing engaging copy-write for your ads that will fuel click throughs and ensuring you have setup good landing pages is also an important part of getting the most out of your campaign. Thus if you are not confident in setting up a profitable Adwords campaign you can engage us as your Adwords Manager to ensure a quick and steady ROI on your next campaign.

How we approach effective Google Ads management

Collaborate with you on what keywords should be targeted
Use single keyword ad groups to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign
Write engaging copy-write for your ads that will generate clicks
Setup necessary landing pages for each keyword group on your website
More time spent upfront to setup a proper, researched campaign
Low ongoing management costs and more ROI due to effective setup
Keyword and ad groups adjustments when required
Send you Google analytic reports that show the momentum and results of the campaign
Google Ads Management Made Easy

We take the headache out of setting up a profitable Google Ads that generates ROI from the get go

Keyword Research

We identify what will be the most profitable keywords to allocate your budget towards

Google Partner

We are an official Google Ads partner qualified to manage the PPC campaigns of SME’s

Optimal Setup

We are experienced at setting ideal keyword groups to generate the most clicks possible from your budget

Low Fees

We charge a low 20% flat management fee so as much of your budget as possible goes towards generating traffic