Why Brand Development is important

Having a strong brand with a recognizable identity creates legitimacy, drives sales and spurs growth 

With most industries saturated with competition these days, establishing a unique and recognizable brand name and identity is important if you want to separate yourself from your competitors and gain higher market share. People are more likely to buy from a brand they are familiar with through word of mouth, advertisements or marketing material. Consumers also like to identify with a business’s culture, key staff and value when making a buying decision.

Brand development can

  • Add credibility and integrity to your company
  • Generate word of mouth and referral sales
  • Establish you as a market leader in a competitive industry
  • Achieve higher conversion rates on marketing and promotional efforts

If you’d like us to consult with you on the development of your brand and suggest ideas specific to your industry please get in touch.

How we can help

A brand development strategy needs to be tailored based on the industry and budget of a client. It should also be one part of a broader digital marketing strategy.

Some suggestions for brand development strategies we have implemented for clients are listed below.

BTS / MRT flyers

The design and printing of promotional brochures to be handed out at BTS / MRT stations around Bangkok. A suitable strategy for retailers, eCommerce shops and restaurants to boost awareness and drive foot and/or web traffic.

Shopping Mall Event

Participation in mall events or setup of a booth / stage to conduct a promotional event. Use of printed banners, display stands, printed mats and table clothes etc are used to attract attention and create engagement. Other options are to the use of promotional staff such as pretty girls.

Video Marketing

Development of an explainer video/commercial to be syndicated across the internet. The 1-2 minute video will describe the value of your business and highlight problems that you solver better than others as well as showcase a case study.

Team Identity

Schedule a company photo-shoot to have suitable photos for use in future promotional materials, website graphics and to create a team page for your website to give your company some faces behind the brand.

Want to get your company to develop it's branding?

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