Our business development Manager Flynn approached Adam Cree, owner of Blue Reef Fishing Charters in Sydney, after finding his site was ranking on page 7 of google for the keyword fishing charters Sydney. After an initial consultation we discovered that
Adams site was ranking between pages 4-10 for over 20 of his most important keywords. Thus Adam was not experience much traffic and bookings were few and far between.

Adam came onboard on a 6 month campaign and within 2 months we had moved his site to the first page of google for over 20 keywords greatly increasing Adam’s web traffic and ultimately charter bookings.o 590 searches per month.

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Our Solutions


Lack of onsite SEO

website code

Implement better onsite SEO

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Offsite SEO efforts

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What We Did


Moving the keyword

Deep sea fishing charter sydney from position 38 to position 4

More budget

Adam now has more budget to allocate to marketing to grow his business

Bookings up 800%

Increasing Adam’s bookings over 800% es

Moving the keyword

Deep sea fishing Sydney from position 49 to position 6

Some highlights…

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What our clients have to say about us

Hear it from the client themselves

“Dale and the crew at Content SME have done wonders for my business presence online. After 3-4 months my business had moved to the first page of google search in a very demanding specialized field. Were now at the top and business has never been better. Our bookings have increased 8 fold and continue to grow.

Great job guys…..Highly recommend Content SME”
– Adam Cree, Owner @ Blue Reef Charters