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    Content Services by Multilingual Copywriting Agency in Bangkok Thailand

    The right content writing service can elevate the quality of your business’s web pages, garner the attention of search engine algorithms, and lead to more sales online.

    One of the key strategies to great Search Engine Optimisationis to have an authoritative blog on your own website – in addition to well-crafted sales copy on your service and product pages.

    Not only that, but having links pointing toward your site from other relevant and reputable pages, is yet another effective way in which our content services can build up your position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and gain visits, clicks, and ultimately, conversions.

    Many companies find that they don’t have the time to commit to crafting large amounts of (or more importantly: premium quality) content on their own. If this is you, partnering with an established digital marketing agency like CSME Marketing, can free up your valuable time and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business instead.

    Read on for more information on our multilingual content creation services, and learn about just how quickly a comprehensive content-driven marketing strategy can increase your traffic and boost your sales conversions.

    If you would like your business to soar

    High-Quality Website Copywriting

    Copywriting is an art and a science and something that many people woefully underestimate. 

    The fact is, your website is not just a fancy digital page to show off your brand and business – but a digital shopfront and one of the most important client-facing aspects of your business, period. 

    The best copywriters aren’t just giving voice to your brand, but subliminally guiding your website visitors toward a positive conclusion (i.e., making a purchase or signing up for your services). 

    At CSME Marketing, our writers combine sales copy with SEO content writing, thus ensuring that your brand message is clearly conveyed to your audience, while also notifying Google and other search engines of precisely what it is that you sell so that they can rank you accordingly. 

    In short, our copywriting service can help to sharpen up your website so that it’s as effective a marketing tool as possible.

    Well-written copy is the foundation on which your marketing strategies will rest, and utilising CSME Marketing’s expertise in this area will set you in good stead and ensure that your business is being correctly represented and boosted by your associated copy.

    Couple that with both a Thai and English version, and you’ve increased your potential reach significantly. After all, the bigger the net, the more fish you’ll catch, right?

    Bilingual / Multilingual SEO Content 

    As a Bangkok based digital marketing agency in Thailand, CSME Marketing has an experienced team of multi-lingual writers. We can help you craft your website copy and content in both Thai and English so that you can appeal to a much wider audience. This approach is also great for both your local and global SEO efforts.

    We also have experience working in Laos, Malaysian and Japanese and are willing to work with more languages.

    At CSME Marketing, our content writers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process and will work tirelessly to help craft your message in multiple languages, thus attracting as much new business through your website as possible (wherever that traffic might be coming from).
    This demonstrates a dedication to your local customers, while also indicating that you are open to foreign business as well.

    Given that there are tens of thousands of ex-pats living in Thailand, this can open your business up significantly and make it far more accessible to others. 

    Blog and Guest Post Copywriting

    There are many forms of copy and content writing, and with CSME Marketing, you can gain exclusive access to gifted writers specialising in a diverse range of mediums, from sales and website copy to blogs and guest posts. 

    Rather than try to find time to write all of this content yourself, why not make the most of our multilingual writers and let us handle the grunt work for you? 

    Stick to your area of expertise, and leverage ours instead. 

    Blogs and guest posts must have a strategy (blogs without a strategy will bring you no value) and be well-crafted, engaging, educational, and entertaining, but what’s the difference between the two? 

    • Blogs: Blogs, or blog posts, are in-depth and well-targeted articles designed to educate and inspire your audience. These are developed and uploaded to your website to demonstrate your authority in your field, increase traffic, and add substance to your online presence. 
    • Guest posts: Guest posts, or guest articles, are blog posts that are featured on third-party websites, linking back to your own. When executed properly, quality guest posting can be one of the best ways to steadily build your backlink profile and ultimately boost your online presence over time. 

    It’s not enough to post an article on any old website that will have you…At CSME Marketing we have built up an extensive network of reputable third-party partner websites and can develop guest posts with links to your webpage using relevant and well-established platforms only.

    This dedication to quality and relevancy will give your site the stamp of approval it needs for the likes of Google to feel confident placing you in front of prospective customers actively searching for the services that you offer. 

    The “so cheap it’s almost too good to be true” link builders won’t have the same impact on your visibility as those to whom we can grant you access to. 

    In fact, in most cases, your website can actually end up being penalised which is precisely why you should always be mindful when building backlinks.

    Product Content

    Tailoring your product content to your intended target market is another goal that our content writers can meet for you.
    Infusing your titles and descriptions with the right keywords, creating a compelling reason for why your products are the best fit, and engaging your customers with your products and brand are all part of the service that we offer.
    CSME Marketing can create the quality content you need to show the world who you are, appeal to the right demographics, and ensure that your product content is unique to your business.
    Every word on your website should be carefully cultivated and set to work for you, and our content services can make sure that happens!

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    Content for Social Media

    Another area that is so important for businesses today is to engage with customers through social media.
    The average person spends about three hours a day on social media and these are potential clients that must be targeted if you wish to outperform your competitors online.
    Of course, actively keeping up with your social media posting can be a huge drain on your time and energy, so let us take the lead here and create the right content to drive traffic to you instead.

    Contact us today to learn more about our multilingual content creation services

    If you are looking to boost your online presence and gain more customers through well-written, high-quality copy and content, contact us for a free consultation today. 

    We can save you precious time that is better spent elsewhere, while utilising all our experience to give you the best content for your website, the most educational and engaging blogs, and the finest guest posts using reputable third-party websites.