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    Email Marketing is Making a Comeback!

    Email Marketing is one of the most underrated forms of marketing out there. All the big players are doing it, so that should be proof enough that it is an effective form of marketing.

    What Can You Do with Email Marketing?

    Firstly, email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing solution there is, and it does have multiple purposes.

    • You can set up an automated on boarding process for your clients, making them feel like they are truly appreciated. 
    • Keep your clients in the loop with an automated email of your successes and important business news. 
    • You can also set up a lead magnet to acquire new subscribers and who you can provide valuable information by putting them into an email marketing sales funnel.

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing refers to the process of sending a commercial email message to your ‘subscribers’ (contacts who have actively signed up to your email list, thus giving permission to receive communication with you). 

    Email marketing can be used to drive sales, build your brand and community, and to inform about relevant changes happening in your business. 

    Today, modern email marketing has moved away from the typical mass mailings of the past, and is now focused more on personalisation, segmentation, and quality messaging that resonates with a highly-refined audience.

    Here are some examples of marketing email types: 

    • Promotional Email: A promotional email can be used to notify your audience of a specific special offer, a new product/service release, an eBook, or a webinar. This will consist of between 3 and 10 emails over the course of several days / weeks. They will also have a clear CTA (call to action), giving your audience a clear and easily define action that they can take (i.e., visit your website and make a purchase). 

    Informational Email: An information email, as the name suggests, is a type of email campaign that shares news and information (rather than a promotion). These can come in the form of Newsletters and/or Announcements. What’s happening in the world of YOU today? What developments have happened within your business? Are there any important changes happening? This approach might not be directly involved with generating revenue, but they contribute well to building your brand-culture and keeping your customers involved.

    Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2021 and Beyond? 

    If you’ve made it this far, then you are clearly curious to see what all the fuss is about. As you well know, email isn’t a new technology, so why would it be relevant today? Well, at almost 50 years old, email marketing is more widely used today than it has ever been! 

    For those who tell you email is dead, they clearly do not understand the amazing potential that it offers. Let’s look at the data:

    • As of 2019, there were over 3.9 billion global email users
    • 80% of people in America check their email at least once per day (and that figure is similar in most developed countries)
    • 80% of professionals in business understand that email marketing increases customer retention 

    One thing about empirical data, is that it doesn’t lie. 3.9 billion active users! That’s a lot of potential for brand-engagement. 

    If you do not have an email marketing strategy in place, then you are quite simply missing out on one of the most effective means of strengthening the ties with your customers!

    What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

    Now that we have established email marketing is indeed still relevant and widely used, let’s take a look at the benefits:

    • More Conversions: Send email marketing messages to your subscribers to drive up your sales (emailing discounts and special offers / abandoned car emails). 
    • Brand Awareness: Speak with your customers directly. This one-to-one communication is best for cultivating your audience and keeping your brand present in their minds. Even if they don’t open the email, your presence in their inbox is a subtle reminder. 

    Customer Loyalty: Email marketing is a proven method for nurturing, converting, on boarding, and retaining customers. It is also great for building a community and developing your brand.

    Why is Email Marketing So Important?

    That’s right. In addition to the benefits listed above, we have a number of other factors that make email marketing so important. You really cannot afford to miss out on the following features:

    1 – Accessibility

    Email marketing is so important today, because it is easily accessible to people of all ages. Utilising this awesome form of marketing allows you to communicate with a much wider audience, even the ‘technophobes’ among us. Whilst many of us are comfortable with using the internet and finding our way around, some people are not so savvy. That said, almost everyone understands how to view their email which is what makes it such a valuable asset.

    2 – Affordability

    Email marketing is cost-effective and can easily be established with an agreeable ROI (return on investment). In fact, the barrier for entry is rather low. You do not have to be a large business with a huge marketing budget to take advantage of and profit from email marketing.

    3 – Accountability

    You own your email list! You see, Facebook, Instagram, and all of the other main social channels where you have access to your audiences; they can disappear at any time. As unlikely as it might sound (though you never know when the next “big thing” might appear), it still can’t hurt to grow and own your email list.

    Getting Started (How We Develop Your Email Marketing Campaign)

    • Step 1 – Build Your Email List (See Below for More info). 
    • Step 2 – Create a welcome email for new subscribers.
    • Step 3 – Define the goal of your email marketing campaign 
    • Step 4 – Build a gorgeous, responsive-design email template 
    • Step 5 – Craft wonderfully-worded email copy to grab and hold the attention of your audience (and convert those clicks into customers)
    • Step 6 – Optimise email open-rates, clicks, and conversions 
    • Step 7 – Regular testing of the email campaign 
    • Step 8 – Scheduling the emails to be sent at the peak times (and split-testing to see which emails sent at what times, get the best responses)
    • Monitor and Refine the Email Marketing Campaign.

    It is a long and complicated process, but the best thing about it, is that the more we grow your email list, and the more emails we send; the more data we collect! This data, will be invaluable as it will allow us to make well-informed decisions as how to best improve the email marketing campaign. Thus, over time, your email marketing campaign has the potential to become exponential more profitable for your business (whilst bolstering your brand reputation and promoting loyalty).

    Why Choose Us to Build Your Email List and Manage Your Email Marketing Campaign?

    Now, one of the biggest things that puts people off investing part of their marketing budget into email marketing, is the fact that they might not have a very big email list… 

    Perhaps, you are just starting out and you have exactly zero email addresses. In that case, we can completely understand why it might be difficult for you to see the value in this. But of course, everybody has to start somewhere. 

    The important thing to remember, is that there are effective ways of attracting potential customers to opt in and agree to join your list. Once we have designed and implemented an awesome opt-in strategy, we can begin attracting a number of qualified, relevant subscribers.

    We Favour Double Opt-Ins

    • A single opt-in is when a subscriber is instantly added to your list after the form has been submitted
    • A double opt-in is when an email is sent with a confirmation link to add the subscriber to the list. 

    We favour double opt-ins because there can be no room for error. When someone has to actively subscribe by taking two steps, it demonstrates that they are indeed interested in learning more about your brand, business, and products/services.

    We Segment Your Email List 

    As your email list grows, we can begin segmenting it into smaller sub-groups (e.g., demographic, age, location, purchase history, etc.) That way, we can tailor various email marketing campaigns to different types of audiences. A more targeted approach can only improve the overall conversions, thus earning you even more profit! 

    We Optimise for Mobile

    At Content’s ME, we understand how important it is to optimise our email marketing campaigns to mobile. You see, 61.9% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Thus, it is paramount that they are functional, well-optimised, and designed with the mobile format in mind.

    We Always Optimise for Deliverability 

    It’s not uncommon for emails to be blocked or returned due to being too “spammy”. And of course, deliverability isn’t just about not triggering spam filters. There are other important best-practices that can ensure your emails are being well-received, both in the literal and metaphorical sense: 

    • Ensure all emails combed for phrases that may trigger spam filters
    • Keep your email list up-to-date (by removing unengaged subscribers)
    • We will only send to email addresses that actively opted-in and displayed interest
    • We always include an ‘unsubscribe’ link (everybody has a right to dictate how their data is used and by demonstrating a way out, you show great respect and integrity—excellent for brand development and reputation management). 

    We Scale with Automation 

    As the machine continues to feed itself with new subscribers, we can set up an automation system that keeps the wheels turning (i.e., auto responders).

    We Recommend That You DO NOT Buy Bulk Email Addresses!

    Do not fall prey to buying bulk email addresses. You’ll find a number of cowboys on the internet trying to sell you a bulk of email addresses for an excellent price. This is a waste of both your money, AND your reputation. 

    You see, when you buy email addresses (often in the thousands!), all you are getting are thousands of people who did not previously show any interest in your business. This means that when you do eventually reach out to them, you will be doing so without their permission. 

    • In many countries, sending unsolicited promotional emails without consent is illegal
    • It can harm your reputation 
    • It can harm the deliverability of your IP addresses 

    The fact is, most people—including yourself—are almost entirely more likely to delete the email and mark it as spam, than they would be to make a purchase. 

    When you send emails out to people who have given you express permission to contact them on the other hand, you get an entirely different reaction! 

    In fact, when set-up properly and coupled together, a quality opt-in funnel and email marketing campaign, can offer an ROI of up to 122%!

    Building Your Email List, the Right Way

    At Content’s ME, we specialise in lead-generation. The most effective way of doing this is by designing and implementing an ‘irresistible’ opt-in to attract warm prospects.  

    We start by designing an eBook brochure that will resonate with your ideal target audience. We do this in the form of “FREE information”. So, let’s say for example that you sell GoPro cameras: Your eBook could be “The Ultimate Guide to GoPro Photography”. 

    Anyone who reads that, with an active interest in getting started with photography, would find it hard to resist visiting your website and looking at the various GoPro cameras that you have to offer. 

    Now, even if they do not purchase right away…an email a day later, or even in a week’s time, offering a 10% discount, might just be all of the encouragement that they need! 

    In addition to eBooks, we can even implement various opt-in forms on your website to try and catch other email addresses in different ways. For example, if you have an online store, signing up to your email list could be an additional option offered upon checkout. 

    And, if people go to click-off your website with an active opt-in pop-up window. For example: “We understand that you are not quite ready to make a purchase. Why don’t you join our mailing list and keep an eye out for future discounts and promotions?” 

    There are many different methods that we can utilise to build your email list. The point is, everybody has to start somewhere. So, are you ready to take advantage of the most cost-effective form of digital marketing today?

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