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At CSME Marketing, we understand that social media popularity doesn’t happen overnight, but takes a dedicated effort over time to cross a point whereupon your following will grow exponentially from a base you achieve.

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    Our goal is to help every client establish their brand on Facebook and then through effective content and target demographic marketing achieve a following of thousands from which growth will be acquired steadily thereafter.

    This adds credibility and a great sales tool to your business which will provide ROI for your earlier investment for years to come.

    Tap into an endless resource of business on Facebook

    You see, there are countless potential customers already looking for businesses just like yours on Facebook. Fortunately, with a smart Facebook marketing strategy in place, you can connect with them.

    If you are hoping to build up your brand on social media, master the market place and thrive on Facebook, then you have to approach it the right way.

    With over 2.8 billion users on Facebook, that’s a huge potential for you to tap into.

    Here’s the thing…today, Facebook is more than just a place to share some pictures and get into political debates with your aunty. In fact, it is also a place where audiences go to connect with their favourite businesses, both big and small.

    In fact, you’ll be pleased to discover that two-thirds of Facebook users have reported visiting local businesses’ Facebook pages at least once a week. This isn’t just a growing marketplace, but a bustling one!

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    Our Facebook Marketing Services in Thailand

    Content’s ME Bangkok specialises in all things digital marketing. As a Facebook Marketing and Ads agency in Thailand, we offer the following services:

    Identify Your Social Media Goals

    Whether increasing your brand awareness, generating leads or web traffic, or increasing your sales, we will examine your social media and business objectives and then build a solid and effective plan to help you achieve them.

    Hit Target the Right Target Audience

    We will carry out in-depth research and surveys in order to help you convert prospects into paying customers.

    Data Analytics & Reporting

    By extracting and examining extensive data and reports using various 1st and 3rd party tools, our Facebook marketing experts can create, track, and optimise your campaign with deep insights and valuable precision.

    Social Media Budget Optimization

    Using industry benchmarks, we can comprehensively measure your Facebook marketing ROI and monitor your bidding strategy so that we can ensure no money is going to waste.

    Content Management

    Our exceptional team of content creators can put together cultural and on-the-ground pieces that will help you to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry, thus attracting a growing audience to your cause.

    Our approach to Building Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

    1. Defining Your Audience

    First, we begin by defining your audience. In order to engage with them more effectively, first, we need to understand who we are talking to. So, we need to answer the following questions:

    • How old are your ideal followers?
    • Where do they live?
    • What jobs do they work?
    • What are their biggest challenges?
    • How and when do they use Facebook?

    That said, it’s not just about understanding your ideal demographic, but the general demographic of Facebook users. The same applies when building a marketing campaign for each of the different social media platforms.

    Our Facebook marketing experts will go even deeper are explore the following factors:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Education
    • Relationship status
    • Location
    • Language
    • Facebook usage
    • Past purchasing activity

    You see, once we understand the type of person that resonates with your brand, we can tailor our content creation to capture their attention and nurture them into loyal paying customers.


    2. Set Clear Goals

    What does success look like to you? In order to get up and running, we need to understand where you want to be and what you are set on achieving. Clearly, it isn’t all about getting tonnes of likes. The amount of likes that you have is merely a vanity metric which means nothing if you are unable to convert them.

    Having a strong and well-defined goal attached to your business objectives is paramount when putting together an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

    We understand that different businesses have different goals, but each should focus on actions that positively impact their bottom line:

    • Generating leads
    • Increasing the number of conversions coming through your website
    • Bolstering your customer service performance

    With all of this in mind, it helps us to strategize and maintain a solid Facebook marketing plan, ensuring that every post, comment, and the ad is in service of said goals.

    3. Plan an Engaging Content Schedule

    Now that we are dialled into your audience and business goals, it’s time to start creating incredible and engaging posts to lure them in!

    We like to practice a healthy mix of 80/20:

    • 80% of Facebook posts to inform, educate, and entertain
    • 20% of Facebook posts to promote and enrich your brand

    You see, nobody wants to follow a Facebook page that harps on about how awesome they are all the time. Instead, you need to demonstrate it by providing a steady stream of quality, well-optimised content that resonates with your audience on a much deeper level.

    At Content’s ME Bangkok, we understand that Facebook has an algorithm that isn’t too big on self-promotion. This is why when we run your Facebook marketing campaign, it will be heavily geared to providing your audience with engaging and informative content that serves them before it serves you.

    We will also look at the most appropriate time to schedule posts in order to improve the overall reach. Posting quality content when your ideal customer is wrapped up in bed and fast asleep isn’t helping anyone.

    4. Optimize Your Page for Strong Engagement

    There is so much that goes into optimizing a Facebook page for engagement! It’s not a simple case of registering a name, uploading a few photos and hoping for the best.

    Every single aspect of your Facebook business page has to be airtight in order for people to be able to find it organically. But not just that, it’s important to have a well-optimised Facebook page so that when people do arrive, they end up taking the desired and appropriate action (i.e., heading to your website to explore a certain product/service).

    We will overhaul everything from your Facebook cover image, linking to your page in email signatures and newsletters, adding Facebook like and share buttons to your website and blog posts, and much, much more.

    You see, growing your Facebook following requires more than having a well-optimized page! It goes beyond and should tie in effortlessly with the rest of your growing, online presence.

    And of course, whether you want to manage your Facebook yourself, or if you’d like the full-service social media management package from us, it is important that you engage with your customers. So, once they start flocking to your page and engaging with the awesome content that you are putting out, you need to nurture those relationships and give voice to your brand.

    This is a time-consuming task, though something that we are happy to help you with, in accordance with your brand message and voice.

    5. Leveraging Facebook Tools

    One of the biggest driving forces behind business owners wanting to hire 3rd-party assistance from a social media management agency is just how complicated it can get! It’s all very well strategizing and setting up a social media marketing campaign, but managing it and refining it on the fly is another thing entirely.

    There are many tools that we can use, both 1st-party and 3rd-party, which can help us to find yet even more opportunities for engagement beyond standard posts and commenting.

    We are well versed in leveraging the following tools to improve the Facebook marketing campaigns that we run for our clients:

    • Facebook Business Manager
    • Facebook Groups
    • Facebook chatbots (a.k.a. Facebook Messenger bot)

    6. Incorporate Facebook ads and the Facebook pixel

    Now that we have crafted you the perfect post with delicious wording and outstanding imagery, we need to ensure that your followers are actually seeing it!

    That’s right: not everything that you post on Facebook is going to reach your followers on their news feed. As awesome as your content is, there is much more to it if you wish to get the optimal amount of engagement.

    In fact, the organic reach is incredibly low as detailed below:

    • Pages with fewer than 10,000 followers get an average of 8.18% organic reach
    • Pages with more than 10,000 followers get an average of 2.59% organic reach

    Unfortunately, the Facebook algorithm mostly prioritises posts from users’ friends and family. This means that your brand and business will struggle to stand out from the crowd relying on organic reach alone.

    This is why we suggest that our clients include paid advertising in their Facebook marketing campaigns.

    Like traditional advertising, Facebook ads are content that you pay to share with an audience. The plus side of this is that it can be shared with a highly specific, targeted audience, thus increasing the odds of achieving an attractive ROI.

    This is when we set up a Facebook pixel – a simple piece of code that we place on your website in order to do the following:

    • Track any conversions that come through your Facebook page
    • Remarketing to those who have visited your website
    • Building targeted custom audiences for future adverts

    Measuring the Success of Your Campaign with Facebook Analytics

    The beautiful thing about running a Facebook marketing campaign, particularly through a third-party agency like Content’s ME Bangkok, is the fact that everything is measurable. You aren’t just speculating your money away, but instead investing it in reputable experts who can measure your success every step of the way.

    Using Facebook insights, we can measure all manner of metrics, including:

    • Likes
    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • And even which posts result in people ‘unliking’ and liking your page

    Once we have extracted and collected enough data, we can better determine which types of posts work best for your page. This is vital in knowing how well your current content mix is working so that we can adjust accordingly.

    It can also help us track activity outside of Facebook as well (i.e., purchases through your website and all manner of other conversions).

    By this point, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, and this is us ‘lightly’ touching on the subject. But don’t worry, we have an extensive history with Facebook marketing and can take care of all of the nitty-gritty for you. All you need to do is take care of the customers once they come through to your website and make a purchase!


    Why Choose Content’s Me Bangkok?

    With Content’s ME, your local Facebook marketing and ads agency in Bangkok, Thailand, you can leverage an experienced team of social media experts.

    Once learning your KPI’s, our dedicated team of Facebook marketing specialists can refine your ad strategies, cater your posts to resonate beautifully with your perfect audience, and ultimately develop a solid ROI with close monitoring and insightful data analysis!

    In addition to that, we offer a full social media marketing service. This means that in addition to strategizing, building, and running your campaign, we can even handle all of the social interaction with your followers! If you want, we can literally handle every single aspect of your online presence, leaving you to focus solely on what you do best.


    Why don’t you join us for a FREE strategy session?

    If at this stage you are interested in exploring our Facebook Marketing and FB Ads services in Bangkok, Thailand, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

    We will gladly arrange a FREE strategy session where we can get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. Following that, we will get to work on building you the ultimate Facebook marketing campaign that will help you to take your business to the next level!


    Facebook for Business Display Ads



    Per Month

    6,500฿ One Time Setup Fee
    Facebook Setup
    Instagram Setup
    1 x Custom Graphic
    2 x audiences
    FB pixel implementation
    Monthly Review & Optimisation
    Monthly Client Update
    Monthly Overview Reporting
    10,000฿ Recommended Min Ad Budget


    Per Month

    9,500฿ One Time Setup Fee
    Facebook Setup
    Instagram Setup
    2 x Custom Graphics
    4 x audiences
    Custom Event Tracking
    FB pixel implementation
    Monthly Review & Optimisation
    Monthly Client Update
    Monthly Overview Reporting
    15,000฿ Recommended Min Ad Budget


    Per Month

    14,500฿ One Time Setup Fee
    Facebook Setup
    Instagram Setup
    4 x Custom Graphics
    8 x audiences
    Custom Event Tracking
    FB pixel implementation
    Fortnightly Review & Optimisation
    Monthly Client Update
    Monthly Overview Reporting
    20,000฿ Recommended Min Ad Budget

    Facebook for Business Post Marketing



    Per Month

    8 x Posts (Monthly)
    1 x Graphic
    Stock images
    Monthly review & optimisation
    Monthly client update
    Monthly overview reporting


    Per Month

    12 x Posts (Monthly)
    2 x Graphic
    Stock images
    Monthly review & optimisation
    Monthly client update
    Monthly overview reporting


    Per Month

    24 x Posts (Monthly)
    4 x Graphic
    Stock images
    Fortnightly review & optimisation
    Fortnightly client update
    Monthly overview reporting