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    Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Conversion Goals Set Up Services Bangkok Thailand

    If you wish to truly get a leg up on the competition and succeed with your business, CSME Marketing can help. Setting up a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or marketing strategy is not enough; you must keep track of it daily, check the success of all of its aspects and see which ones are paying off and which need to be rethought.

    All of this can add up to a hugely time-consuming and tricky operation, which can take you away from the important task of actually running your business.

    Read on for more information on Google Analytics, and setting up your Tag Manager and Conversion Goals in Bangkok, Thailand.

    If you would like your business to soar

    Google Analytics

    One of the key tools we will use to assess the success of your digital marketing efforts is Google Analytics. Using the acquisition section, we can track exactly how each person who lands on your website got there, whether by clicking on a paid ad, finding you in the organic search results, or from social media, etc. 

    This information is vital in knowing if an ad campaign you are running is actually working, which social media content is making an impact, and if your SEO is working as intended.

    At CSME Marketing, we will gather all the data offered by Google Analytics about which pages of yours are the most popular, the kinds of customers who are visiting your site, how much time they are spending on your site, and so much more.

    While you can look up this information yourself, the learning curve is steep and your time is valuable. 

    This is where we come in; keep your time and attention on your business, safe in the knowledge that your SEO and digital marketing strategies are in good hands. 

    We will not only collate the information available, but put it to good use with an overhaul of the areas which aren’t attracting customers, and an emulation of the ones that are. 

    If an ad campaign isn’t getting a high enough return while organic searches are working well, analysing that data can save you money and help you find the right priorities for your business.

    Tag Manager

    Using tags, bits of code or tracking pixels is another way that you can analyse traffic and conversions for your site. This can be handy for knowing who bought your products and why, and help you try to repeat the process again in the future.

    Correctly coding in all the required tags and tracking pixels for each marketing campaign and website can be time-consuming, and costly, and lead to unnecessary clashes of similar and competing codes over time. 

    Tag Manager, much like its name, helps you to manage and modify your tags without having to change the code itself – thus simplifying the process and helping you to streamline your administrative efforts.  

    Sounds complicated? 

    Getting to grips with a tag management system can take a long time and has a pretty steep learning curve, but it is important to help your business’s website run smoothly and to be able to get your tags working for you. 

    At CSME Marketing we can take control of your tags and create certain variables so that the right tags are deployed for each campaign at the right time, replacing the need for manual coding with an automated system that you won’t have to think about yourself.

    Conversion Goals Set Up Services Bangkok Thailand

    Another service that we offer is to set up conversion goals for your business. Simply put, a conversion goal measures an action taken by a customer on your website. It could be the big one – making a purchase, or something else that you wish to measure like watching a video or viewing multiple pages.

    The type of goal is up to you, the key to success is measurement. If you want to know how popular an article or blog post is, but you don’t measure how many people visit the page and read it, you will have no way of knowing. 

    Similarly, if you just measure how many people visit your page but not how long they stay, you are losing out on valuable information that can be applied to your next campaign or content update.

    There are a number of different types of goals, and taking a well-rounded approach and using more than one conversion goal at a time will give you the most accurate measurement of how well you are succeeding. The common types are:

    Destination goals

    when a customer visits a certain site or page that you want them to see.

    Event goals

    when the customer completes an event you wish, like watching a video or submitting a contact form.

    Duration goals

    when a customer spends a certain amount of time on your site, a specific page or an article.

    Pages per visit goals

    when a customer visits a certain number of pages on your site during their visit.

    While your aim will ultimately be to make the most sales you can in, having as much information as you can get regarding the people visiting your website, the time they spend there, and how they find you is invaluable – particularly if you wish to refine and improve that traffic. 

    You may not get an immediate number of sales from a specific article or blog, but the time a customer spends reading it is the time when they are being made aware of your products or your brand, or time spent on your website. 

    Again, watching a video will increase brand awareness and lead to more conversions in the future. CSME Marketing can help you make the most of every aspect of your online presence, and create, manage and measure the impact of each step of your campaigns.

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    With all the aspects involved in launching and running a quality marketing campaign, creating all the content, collating the data, and making the tweaks needed to achieve the best outcomes, it is no wonder that so many businesses are turning to experts for help. 

    Utilising our years of experience, CSME Marketing can put our energy into setting up and maintaining your SEO so that you don’t have to – and in such a way that can increase your sales and bolster your brand visibility over time. 

    We can save you time and money, so contact us today for a free consultation and see just how far we can grow together.