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    Whenever someone searches for a service by locality such as ‘Dentist Bangkok’, ‘Hotel Chiang Mai’ or ‘Italian Restaurant Sukhumvit’, Google will usually display a map of the relevant businesses in the searched area. Thus, if your business is not one of the displayed listings those leads and customers are going to your competitors. We are experts at getting our clients a top 3 listing in the maps for competitive local keywords. (See our case study page)

    This is separate from website SEO, and we have been able to successfully obtain double first page listings for clients by ranking both their websites and maps for the same competitive keyword. So if you’re a local business that would be found by people using locality specific keywords then you need to ensure you are appearing in the top 3 to get a lion’s share of those leads and customers!


    Setup, population and verification of your business listing is completed


    Your Google map listing can be integrated and displayed on your website

    Local SEO

    We will optimise your listing to rank for area specific keywords relevant to you


    Your map listing will be prominent, particular on searches made via mobile devices

    What is Local SEO?

    When it comes to Google My Business optimisation, you’ll often hear the term “Local SEO” used. So, what is it and how does it work? 

    Simply put, Local SEO is a strategy that helps businesses become more visible in a local search engine results page (SERP) on Google. Again, this appears when somebody types in a localised search term, looking for a specific type of business in a highly specified area. 

    Any of the businesses that have a physical location and operates within a certain geographic area, can benefit highly from local SEO. 

    When people search on Google for a localised listing, three listings will appear underneath (aka a map pack). Using local SEO, you can get your business up there!

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    Local SEO has a Different Pattern to Traditional Search Engine Optimisation

    After much analysis, Google realised that people who were searching for certain types of businesses, actually needed to find results from their immediate area. After all, there’s no good searching for a garage to repair your car if it is on the other side of the world. 

    Thus, Google’s local search algorithm includes a proximity factor when users search for certain types of businesses. Even if you don’t type your area in the search, i.e., “mechanic in Bangkok”, or if you leave out the “near me” part; Google will present you with a number of local businesses based on your physical location at the time of the search itself.   

    So for example, if you are currently at work and you fancy having Sushi for lunch, by Googling “Sushi delivery”, you’ll find a list of locations that are within a local proximity to your office. Try the very same search at home, then you’ll find a whole different listing (depending on how close you live to the office, that is).

    Local search has been present for a very long time, however, at first, it was mainly limited to people using desktop computers. Of course, now, with the surge in mobile internet users, mobile search has experienced significant growth. Thus, local SEO is now arguably, one of the most important factors for success as a local business that offers products or services to people within a certain area. 

    In other words, if your business thrives mostly off local custom, then local SEO is without question, one of the most important things that you should be focusing on, right now.

    Which Factors Are Vital for Local SEO?

    One of the reasons why we at Content’s ME, have been so successful with ranking our clients well with local SEO, is because we understand all of the various factors which are most important. 

    You see, whilst the local map pack is always displayed within the standardised Google organic SERP, there are separate algorithms at play, powering the main Google search results for local rankings, and then the local map pack results. 

    This means that as a local business, you have the opportunity to be able to appear on both the main organic listing, and a local map pack at the very same time. However, both are achieved with different methods. If you are interested in standard search engine optimisation practices as well, you can check out our SEO services here. Otherwise, stick around and we’ll continue to explore local, Goole maps SEO in greater depth…

    Just like Google’s traditional search algorithm; localised content and local link popularity are big factors in ranking. This means that it is paramount that you have local landing pages built, for each of the locations that you service—especially so, if you have establishments across multiple locations in Bangkok, and Thailand—in which case, you should not only include your business’s name, but all of the other necessary details such as an address, phone number, email, and a variety of other optimisations such as title tags, meta descriptions, and so on.  

    Primarily, it’s about setting up your Google My Business page properly. It might seem like something that can just be jumbled together quickly, but there are a lot of intricacies that can give you that extra competitive edge over the rival businesses in your area—which is where we come in. Again, Content’s ME is well-versed with Google My Business, map listings, and local SEO, and we have achieved some magnificent results for our clients. 

    Additionally, we take extra care when looking at various local search terms that can help boost your Google map listings. Website content is also a huge and significant factor as well!

    How Content’s ME Tackle’s Local SEO and Google My Business Map Listings

    To give you more of an idea as to how we operate, here is a list of five practices that we adopt when increasing our client’s online visibility:

    1 – Unify Your Business Listings

    Your business should be plastered all over the internet. You likely have a Facebook, a Yelp, a Twitter, and Instagram, your own Website, TripAdvisor, and much, much more. Of course, as the months go by, it is easy to certain platforms to fall beyond the wayside. One critical aspect of our local SEO optimisations, is unifying ALL of your business listings online and ensuring that the information is entirely correct and up-to-date. Not only that, but our experts will trawl your various business listings and optimise them with masterfully crafted meta descriptions and title tags for increased compatibility with Google.

    2 – We Track Your Local Positions

    Another critical stage in our Google My Business SEO optimisation campaigns for our clients, is tracking their local positions. With a selection of some of the finest tracking software on the market, our experts can track and analyse your localised positions within Google using various sets of keywords. We do this at the start, to gauge your progress, and then begin making all of the necessary changes. Following that, we watch your progress and make alterations on the fly as we dial in your positon and ultimately push you up onto the first page!

    3 – We Manage Your Google My Business

    GMB is an essentiality for businesses the deal locally. Even if you can cater to people outside of Bangkok, or Thailand, if the bulk of your business is done locally, then you need a GMB! 

    The thing is…once you have set up your Google My Business page, you can’t ignore it. It is something that requires frequent updating and TLC. As you progress and receive more and more custom, we can continue optimising your GMB with additional photographs and videos, and all sorts of other helpful information that can only boost your listings and increase your overall visibility online.

    4 – Managing Online Ratings and Reviews

    Another critical aspect is managing online ratings and reviews. Each and every review should be responded to (especially the negative ones). Sometimes, you can easily turn a poor review into a happy customer, it all depends on your approach. In any case, having a quality GMB with plenty of well-optimised ratings and reviews can only help your cause.

    5 – Regular Posting to GMB

    Think of Google My Business as just another social platform. Just as you might put out social media content on Facebook (if you don’t already, please feel free to check out our social media marketing for more information), Google My Business functions in a similar way. What we will do, is create and post regular events, listings, and special offers to your GMB page to further optimise it and make it more attractive to both Google and prospective customers.

    What Else Can Be Done to Improve Local SEO and Google My Business Map Listings? 

    There is so much that can be done to optimise your local SEO listings!

    • Optimise your GMB
    • Engage on Social Media and GMB
    • Ensure all names, addresses, and phone numbers are correct and up-to-date
    • Optimise all online directories and citations
    • Regularly perform local SEO audits 
    • Improve internal linking structure 
    • Optimise the URL, title tags, meta descriptions, etc. 
    • Add additional locations pages throughout your website
    • Create localised content, regularly 
    • Ensure that your website is mobile friendly 
    • Acquire inbound links with relevant and high authority 
    • Participate and engage with your local community

    “My Business is already showing up on the Google Map listings”.

    If this is the case for you, then there’s a good chance that you have been misled. You see, you likely visit your website quite frequently, and so without having cleared your internet cache, you will often find your website ranking higher than it actually is to the rest of the world. If this is showing up for you, why don’t you try and open an Incognito Window and try the search again? This will ensure that when you carry out a Google search, that it will be doing so without any influence from your search history or cache. You’ll essentially, be a complete stranger to Google. You can open an Incognito Tab by doing the following: 

    1. Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
    2. Mac: Press + Shift + n.

    In doing so, you can view your local and organic SEO listings without any influence. If your website is nowhere to be found, then you’ll need to get on your local SEO asap. Stop losing business to your local competitors and start dominating your local area!

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    By this point, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that is involved with Google My Business map listings and getting ahead of your competitors on the SERP’s. In that case, please do not panic! That is where Content’s ME is here. We are a dedicated and experiences Google Maps Optimisation Agency in Bangkok, Thailand and have been servicing our clients for many years. In that time, we have achieved some excellent results and will be able to do the very same thing for you! 

    Simply contact us today and speak with one of our friendly experts. We will spend some time getting to know one another, answer any questions that you might have, and then we can get to work on boosting your position and bolstering your online presence. In fact, Google Maps listings can increase your business’s revenue by over 300%! That is a staggering number. There is simply so much local business to be had and now, more than ever, it is time to act!