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    LinkedIn marketing and advertising in Bangkok, Thailand, is a great way of generating additional traffic, new leads, and picking up customers—particularly if your company operates within the B2B (business to business) market space.

    As highlighted by data collected in 2018, up to 65% of B2B marketers have successfully picked up new customers by utilising LinkedIn advertising. That said, LinkedIn, unlike its other social counterparts, is a very different type of platform. It isn’t an SEM, or display buying, or even your typical social advertising—it is in a category of its own!

    Our LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising Services in Bangkok, Thailand

    Content’s ME Bangkok specialises in all things digital marketing. As a LinkedIn Marketing and Ads agency, we offer the following services: 

    Identify Your LinkedIn Goals

    Whether you want to increase your brand awareness in the B2B space, generate leads and additional web traffic, or increase your sales through your website, we will examine your LinkedIn and business objectives and build an effective strategy to help you achieve them. 

    Hit Your Perfect Target Audience

    By carrying out in-depth research and surveys, we can help you to identify your ideal target audience on LinkedIn and then start converting those prospects into paying customers.

    Data Analytics and Reporting

    By collecting and examining data and reports using various tools, our LinkedIn marketing service experts in Bangkok, can create, track, and optimise your LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaign with great insight and accuracy. 

    LinkedIn Advertising Budget Optimization

    Using industry benchmarks, we can comprehensively measure your LinkedIn marketing and advertising ROI and monitor your campaign to ensure that no money is going to waste. 

    Content Development and Management

    Our exceptional team of creative content creators will put together cultural and ‘on-the-ground’ written content, imagery, and video that will help you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, thus attracting a growing audience to your cause, through LinkedIn. 

    Who Can Benefit from Advertising on LinkedIn in Thailand?

    If you are considering exploring our LinkedIn marketing and advertising services in Bangkok, Thailand, first you must ask: “Will professionals be interested in my product, service, and/or offer?”

    Take Content’s ME as an example:

    • We offer digital marketing services that can unlock huge amounts of traffic for our clients
    • Our content creation experts can create amazing content that will get shared, liked, and ultimately attract more traffic
    • Our social media marketing experts can put together effective paid strategies with clear and attractive ROI’s
    • We can build brand-new websites, whether e-Commerce or standard informational, for those looking to get started in business, or need an entire re-brand

    These are the sort of services that will be attractive to LinkedIn users—why? Because they will be representatives of, or business owners, likely in need of such services.

    In other words, if you sell something that can benefit business owners and working professionals, then the answer to that question is yes—LinkedIn is a great place for you to start marketing and advertising.

    People use LinkedIn for furthering their careers, finding new work opportunities, networking, connecting with other business contacts, and sneak away from for a few minutes to engage with other professionals. This means that when putting together an offer, it needs to resonate with this type of person.

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    Who Will See My LinkedIn Ads?

    LinkedIn ads certainly aren’t as obvious as a Facebook or YouTube add, however, any LinkedIn user who is active will be seeing them on a daily basis, for sure. This is why crafting the content for a LinkedIn ad must be done with careful consideration.

    In addition to that, here are the main three types of LinkedIn ads:

    • Sidebar ads (small text-based ads with a single square image)
    • Sponsored content (Similar to Facebook newsfeed ads, showing up in the LinkedIn user-feed)
    • Sponsored InMail (a way to private message a highly specific audience with personalised touches)

    LinkedIn is arguably the best social platform in terms of distributing content and securing audience engagement. This is because you can really refine your audience and go after interested professionals looking for your services.

    Who Can I Target with My LinkedIn Ads?

    Would you like to start generating LinkedIn ads daily via our LinkedIn marketing and advertising services in Bangkok? If so, then you are in the right place. With LinkedIn targeting, we can do some amazing things for you which aren’t even possible on the other social platforms.

    Certainly, Facebook has a number of personal demographics, though LinkedIn specialises in career-related filters that cannot be found anywhere. This allows you to go after people only in one specific industry, enabling you to personalise your message even further.

    This approach allows us to get incredibly clever when targeting your ideal customer—refining company size, their position in a company, the industry, and even geographic targeting.

    So, let’s say that you wouldn’t mind going after companies in your local area so that you can sit down with them face to face—easy! We can refine your ads to his specific employees in certain positions, working in companies with x-amount of employees in your local region and beyond (to a certain radius limit).

    This will provide you with amazing opportunities to go after the very people who are desperate for your product or services (and just don’t know it yet)!

    What Makes Up a LinkedIn Ad?

    There are a number of different strategies for maximising each of the three types of LinkedIn Ad…

    • Text ads should begin with some simple imagery. With only 50×50 pixels available for the optional image), it is important to keep it concise and to the point. A person or logo can fit perfectly into an ad like this, especially if you are trying to build brand awareness through this ad type.
    • Sponsored content allows us to get much more flexible and creative. This is when we will create enthralling posts that appear as organic posts on the site. Case studies are some of the most effective means of generating leads with sponsored content on LinkedIn. Our creative content developers can put together compelling headlines with intro copy, and a stunning 1200×627 pixel image to capture your audience’s attention and imagination.
    • InMail message ads are best structured and presented as friendly, personal emails. These are displayed as regular ads so we can be more informal and start a friendly conversation with highly targeted and qualified individuals. Personalisation is key!

    And the beautiful thing about marketing and advertising through LinkedIn is the fact that we can create highly effective auto-populated lead generation forms. This means that your audience is just a few clicks away from being an attractive lead, enabling them to auto-fill their information without having to slog through and fill out the information manually (which would otherwise turn a lot of business individuals off). Less effort = More leads!

    LinkedIn Ads – Let’s Look at the Numbers

    Most LinkedIn ads are CPC based (cost-per click), which means the price depends highly on the targeting criteria being used, and of course, the competition.

    Your ads can start from as little as $2 per click, running up to $4 or $5 and sometimes even higher. The higher-end typically comes into play when you don’t have the highest click-through rates. In any case, we are well-versed in finding the right balance and dialling in an offer.

    For reference, an ideal click-through rate should be around the 0.025% mark. That said, we can get these click-through rates even higher by creating the most compelling copy, with gorgeous imagery, and highly targeting advertising.

    It is important to keep things fresh, which means we should create multiple ads to circulate regularly so as not to allow them to stagnate. Fresh ads always get an organic boost with regards to impressions, thus delivering a higher click-through rate.

    We will; test early and often, dialling in your message and ultimately crafting the most effective LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaign in Bangkok, for your convenience.

    How Do We Capture Leads Through LinkedIn?

    So, now that we are getting people looking at your ads, the next step is to start converting those clicks to customers! Let’s start generating you some sales!!

    Again, using LinkedIn ads is the best and easiest way of boosting sales through LinkedIn. There are two ways that we can capture them for you:

    • First, we need a quality landing page. Perhaps consider giving away some free, high-quality value (i.e., an e-Book with specialist, insider information). People always jump at offers like this and in doing so, you will have them well and truly inside your sales funnel, opening you up to nurturing that relationship.
    • And the second is by adding lead gen forms, as mentioned above. Anyone who is interested in your ad will then be able to respond using an auto-populated field, giving you their vital contact information in a few clicks.

    Tracking and Monitoring Your LinkedIn Ads

    We will track all of your data, analytics, and ROI measurements, using both the LinkedIn suite, and additional third-party software. The Conversion Tracking tool provided by LinkedIn allows us to track specific conversion actions that we want prospective customers to complete (whether that be a purchase, sign up, or an email registration).

    We can track this using a simple piece of Javascript code that is embedded in your website—similar to that of Facebook’s ‘Facebook Pixel’ system for tracking conversions.


    Why Do We Need to Track Your Ads?

    • Tracking your LinkedIn ads allows us to make highly refined and educated decisions on whether the LinkedIn channel is providing a decent enough ROI for your business in order to remain viable.
    • With clear visibility into the various optimisation options, we can make decisions that will impact the bottom line and not just your traffic.
    • Google Analytics can be used on your landing page for further insights.
    • Looking at page views, time spent on the site, and bounce rate allows us to understand how well your landing page is performing and what we can try to boost the conversation rates


    Join Us for a FREE Strategy Session

    At Content’s ME Bangkok, being a B2B focused business, we are well-versed in dealing with other businesses on a daily basis. After all, our growth has been dependent on our ability to speak to business owners and put compelling offers in front of them that will attract them to work with us.

    This is what we do, and we can help you do the same, via LinkedIn, with creative content that will resonate with your specific audience and demonstrate a level of understanding that they will be looking for in a prospective business partner.

    Whether you are looking for new prospects in a predetermined target market, or you’d like to explore a new area entirely, LinkedIn ads can provide you with some serious leverage in the B2B market!

    We can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit, and then get to work on understanding your brand vision so that we can share it with you and bring it to life on Instagram. 

    Our LinkedIn marketing and advertising services in Bangkok, Thailand can help you push a consumer product or service that appeals to business-minded customers who are both affluent and sophisticated. Our expert content creators can help you craft your message and start pulling in some new business from seemingly unobtainable industry ‘whales’.

    Why don’t you join us for a FREE no-obligation strategy session? Simply contact us today and we can get to work on understanding your business, your social advertising goals, and the type of budget that you will be starting out with.

    Following that, we can begin strategizing a campaign with an attractive ROI that will allow us to grow your LinkedIn marketing strategy and ultimately start pulling in as much new business as possible!