What’s in store if you partner with us

The truth is marketing a business online successfully is less to do with any particularly secret method, rather it’s more to do with doing the fundamentals right and completing hundreds of micro tasks that can add a percent here or there to the effectiveness of your marketing. Having the knowledge to know what these tasks are and the resources to be able to act on that knowledge are they keys to becoming a major online brand.

Here at CSME Marketing we have both the knowledge and resources to be able to methodically market a business online and increase the revenue and profits of our clients. Our expertise across multiple facets of online marketing such as web design, SEO and social media ensures our clients maximise their online potential and we combine that with real passion for what we do to give a level of service that our clients can depend on.

Knowing where to start

Perhaps you are a start up business or an established business that has never really delved into investing in digital marketing. Knowing where to start can be a headache. We normally encourage our clients to allocated budget to undergo a full scale campaign with us that will enable us to effectively cover the redesign of their website, an SEO and SEM campaign and social media marketing. However we do know that every business is different and has varying needs and goals and we will always tailor a strategy that will get results no matter the budget.

Below we have outlined what one can expect in a general timeline when partnering with us to provide a digital marketing campaign and some of steps we go through. In as little as 3 months we can take you from digital obscurity to digital prosperity.

Tailored Campaigns

No cookie cutter strategies. Every campaign we undertake is tailored towards each unique business’s market, goals and budget.

Flexible Terms

We don’t enforce the need for long term contracts. We understand that flexibility is a key when investing in marketing.


We help business owners and marketing teams better understand online marketing through regular consultation.


You will be assigned a campaign manager who will be sending you data reports that show the ongoing results of your campaign.

How we take a business with zero online exposure to online profitability within 3-6 months using our team of experts and progressive digital strategies.

1. Website Design or Redesign

If you needed a new site or acted on our advice to get your old one professionally redesigned then step 1 will be getting our web design team onto the task of developing your new site. Within 2 weeks you will have your first draft mock up of your new site.

2. Onsite SEO Audit

Our SEO Team completes a full onsite SEO audit of your existing or new site. They will conduct keyword research and go through your sites content and code to ensure rankings will surge forward. They will begin this process whilst the web team build your new site, alternatively this will be step 1 if you didn’t opt for a new site.

3. Google Local Optimisation

If you haven’t already, we will setup your business on Google+ and get your page branded and verified. We will also do some offsite SEO to your page such as citations and directories to quickly get the page ranked in the google maps for local keywords.

4. Social Media Setup and Branding

If you haven’t already done so, our Social Media team will get to work setting your business up on the suitable social media platforms most likely to generate targeted engagements. Alternatively we will make over any existing social profiles you have with new professional graphics.

5. Google AdWords and Analytics Setup

If you have an existing website we will ensure it has analytics integrated and reports are been sent to you or the nominated person. Otherwise we will prep your analytics to be setup. Our SEM team will prepare and launch your AdWords campaign.

6. Website Deployment

After about 6-8 weeks your new website should be ready for deployment. Whilst the web team has been hard at work completing it our other teams have been busy completing steps 2-5 in preparation. Our SEO team will ensure everything required such as Onsite specifications and analytics are integrated and then our server technician will make your new site live on your domain.

7. Offsite SEO Begins

Now that your new website is live with out onsite specifications implemented the resources our team has been sourcing for you can start tofilter through in the form of backlinks. These backlinks are hyperlinks placed on relevant, authoritative third party websites that in simple terms act as ‘votes’ for your website increasing your score under googles algorithm.

8. Social Media Marketing Commencement

Now your online brand has the backbone of a fantastic new website it’s time to promote those recently setup and branded social media profiles. Generally the focus will be on Facebook, but depending on your particular business other targets might be Instagram, LinkedIn or even something really niche like Trip Advisor or DDproperty. Our graphics team will liaise with you to develop suitable promotional material to launch a targeted ad campaign with.

9. Results Filtering Through

After so much work was done upfront in the first 2-3 months results will start to filter through quickly. Your keyword rankings will be rising fast and your first page one results will even start to pop in. Your social media following is growing rapidly and whenever you search for your business’s products or services you are easily found in the Google maps.

10. Ongoing Commitment and Results

From here on it is just a matter of continued effort in the form of monthly work towards your SEO, Social Media and Adwords to continue the growth experienced thus far exponentially. Continued link building and social outreach is highly recommended to ensure as many keywords as possible reach the top 3 of google and your social following does not stagnate. By this stage you should be seeing a good return on your monthly investment and have scope to continue and expand your online marketing efforts. You will have developed a close working relationship with our company and your campaign manager who will continue to advise you on strategies moving forward.

*Please note – the above timeline is a general first 3 month process we undertake before moving into monthly maintenance and ongoing work of a clients campaign. We generally try and complete as much of the above tasks in the first 3 months of a clients campaign to ensure results filter through quickly, however if your budget is lower it may require us to stretch the upfront work over a longer duration than 3 months. We are committed to offering flexible and affordable solutions to every business.