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    If you need a professional hardware or software support we can help. We offer remote support, alternatively you can send your hardware to us, we even offer a local pickup and drop off service for your convenience. Whatever the problem, our technical team will have the answer.

    Outsourced I.T Support Services in Bangkok

    Today, most businesses heavily rely on computers & technology to operate. We’ve put our faith in technology because it makes our day-to-day processes far simpler, allowing us to work efficiently, enriching our business relationships with customers & associates alike. But just as the engine of a car requires regular maintenance, so too does the hardware and software that we enjoy. And just as cars sometimes breakdown, we must be prepared for the worst. Which is where we come in.

    Here at CSME Marketing, in addition to web design and digital marketing solutions, we also offer I.T support services in Bangkok. So, if you’re in need of support from an experienced and professional technical team, to help maintain the digital aspect of your office, then we will gladly accommodate you.

    Certainly, having experience using Microsoft Word & Excel might be useful for getting the job done, but what happens when your software starts to play up? Can you afford to justify having an in-house I.T team? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply outsource these technicalities to the professionals? These are important questions, especially given just how much we rely on technology to thrive.

    The services that we offer:


    Mac / Windows support

    Whether you’re a Mac fan, or a Windows advocate, we don’t judge. Our I.T professionals are well-versed on both major platforms and can assist you with all your I.T support needs with precision and care.


    Software support

    Whether it’s the email platform that you use, your CRM systems, or simply Microsoft word; things can go wrong and often, there’s never an obvious resolution—unless you’re a qualified I.T consultant. So, rather than wracking your brain and spending hours trying to find a solution, why don’t you give us a call? We can offer prompt support and rectify your software issues so that you and your team can get back to work immediately.


    Hardware support

    When your computer is playing up, sometimes it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on. You may run several tests on your software to find that there are no issues in that department, but still be struggling with performance. Well, the chances are that it could be a hardware issue; however, without the relevant experience, you’ll never get to the bottom of it. Which is why we offer hardware support to our valued customers. Here at CSME Marketing, we have the expertise to diagnose and rectify any hardware issues that you might be having.


    Repairs & servicing

    For all your I.T hardware, there will come a time when you need to either make repairs or have them serviced. Of course, if you fail to regularly service your equipment, then repairs will go out the window and an entire replacement will be in order. You can avoid that by investing in a professional I.T support service to keep your equipment well-oiled and maintained.

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    If you’re interested in working with an I.T support specialist in Bangkok, then please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.  We will gladly offer any advice that we can and discuss the various support packages that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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