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You need a professional website backed up by a marketing campaign that works. We won’t let you settle for anything less than a benchmark quality website that will take your business from digital obscurity to digital prosperity.

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    Today, if you don’t have the right kind of digital marketing and SEO it can be impossible to connect to your target customers. With so many other websites out there it is essential that you have the right design and advertising to stand out from the crowd. There are many strategies we employ to heighten brand awareness, ensure you are optimised for search engines and put you in front of your clients over your competitors. Here we will look at some of the ways we can help you improve your web presence, and increase your profits, in both the short and longer-term in Pattaya. 

    Firstly, let’s look at why web design is important. You only get one first impression, and if your website takes too long to load, looks outdated and unprofessional, or is not user-friendly, your customers could well go elsewhere.

    If you have the right web design, on the other hand, it can increase user confidence and brand awareness, help you to stand out, and give that fantastic first impression that will lead to sales. In Pattaya, there is growing competition for everything that people might want, so it is essential that you have a website that works for you.

    As more and more businesses move into growing markets like Thailand, you will find that your competition will also grow, and become more competitive. Using web design specialists to stand out amongst these other sites is the best way to stay ahead of the pack.

    In order to help your company increase sales and improve your user experience, your website should aim to tick a number of boxes. We focus on all of these and more to give you the best results possible:

    • It should be responsive – no matter which device is being used or from where, your site should be responsive at all times.
    • It should be quick – loading speeds are a key component for algorithms as well as customer experience, with a slow site leaving a negative impression. 
    • It should be easy to navigate – having a clear, well-laid-out website that is easy to navigate is important for customer satisfaction.
    • It should be accessible – again, the world is changing and growing and your site should be accessible to everyone.

    Your site should also be a reflection of who you are. Using the right colours, font, and pictures can immediately put customers at ease and help them to remember you. With all of the competition out there, if you are targeting a specific group in Pattaya, or elsewhere in Thailand, having a good and suitable website will help. Having one that is memorable, easy to use, and easy to navigate will help even more.

    Google has also made some recent changes to how their algorithms work, meaning your web design is important not only for how user-friendly it is, but also for your SEO. You will be compared to your competitors in Pattaya and around the world based on more than just bulk keywords, so the right web design can help you get ahead of the group.

    Search Engine Optimisation Services Pattaya

    Search Engine Optimisation Services Pattaya

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. You need to properly maximise and utilise your SEO if you want your customers to be able to find you. The best way to do this is to use the expertise and experience we have to do it for you.

    Search Engine Optimisation is much like it sounds, a series of techniques and practices to optimise your website’s position in search engine results page listings. It is an organic method meaning you don’t spend money on advertising or to boost yourself to the top of the list. Instead, you rely on your keywords, backlinks, and many other criteria to get a higher place that you will keep for longer.

    To begin with, you need the right keywords, optimised tags, and the right content. As mentioned above, however, the algorithms used by search engines are becoming more complex. They take into account more than just your title tags and how many times you have mentioned a specific word. In order to hit the right points in your SEO, you need to have the right kind of content, a strategy to fill in the gaps, and authoritative backlinks. 

    For your company to really reach its potential you need optimised SEO, and we can help you get it. A small amount of costs now can turn into huge returns later on, and at much less expensive than simply using ads. Our SEO services in Pattaya can help you to organically reach the customers you need and stay competitive in the long run.

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    Google Ads Specialist in Pattaya

    google adsWhile SEO services are essential to lift you higher in the results, in the long run, the right kind of ads can make a huge difference in the short and longer terms too. There is no point in just jumping in and spending money on ads without the right strategy, and without a specialist to advise on this strategy, it can simply be throwing money away. 

    When investing in Google Ads it isn’t enough to just get traffic, you also want conversions. The right specialist in Pattaya, can make sure that the people seeing your ad are in the right place at the right time, and with the right qualities to become a customer.

    There are many ways in which to optimise your Google Ads. We can create the right negative keywords list as well as the ones with the right meanings and context that you want to be searched. In this way, you can exclude people seeing ads outside Pattaya, or include people all over Thailand, or anywhere else you want. You can target those most likely to click through and become a customer instead of a generalised ad that won’t get the same reaction.

    You will want to optimise your audience, with research into the kind of market you are trying to appeal to, and the different ways to do so. You want a campaign that targets these individuals and gives them what they want. While it is possible to attempt these ads yourself, the best way to make the most of your money and get the highest returns is to use a specialist.

    From creating the right campaign, to monitoring its effect, and making the necessary changes to ensure its continued success, check out all the different ways our Google Ads Specialist in Pattaya can help you.

    Facebook Ads Pattaya

    facebook adsAnother avenue for ads that can be hugely successful is using Facebook Ads. They can target the exact market you are looking for in Pattaya, and elsewhere, but again, only if they are done right. Our digital marketing specialists can help you maximise your ads to get the highest returns on your investment and make sure that your campaign is in line with your brand.

    There are many reasons why companies are turning to Facebook to advertise themselves:

    • The huge market and amount of time people spend on Social Media – over 1 billion people use Facebook, and with so many people using it every day this can be a great way to connect with them.
    • Great conversion opportunities – having so many people in a pool allows you to really narrow down your ideal audience and aim an ad at them. This will help to get the actual leads and purchases you need.
    • Targeting and remarketing give you more ways to reach people – Facebook is tailored to be targeted, and gives you many opportunities to gain customers if you do it right.

    However, there is no point in just trying to use Facebook itself. They hide business pages so your organic optimisation is basically zero. You need to use ads to make an impact on Facebook, and our specialists can help you to do so in a way that doesn’t break the bank. 

    To gain more customers and without too high an initial expenditure, see what our team could do for your Facebook Ads in Pattaya. With our experience and practices, we can reduce your costs and improve your conversions in no time, making these ads and our business a very worthwhile investment.

    There are so many other ways in which our specialists can optimise your web content to get the most out of your website. Digital marketing in Pattaya, across Thailand, and throughout the world, is an essential component to finding you the right customers who will find you, buy from you, and return again and again. Contact us today to see how we can save you time, money, and effort, while bringing you more customers, goodwill, and increasing profitability.