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    For anyone who owns a website today, ‘link building’ has almost become a dirty word. Many of us are inundated daily with cold emails and messages from would-be marketers who are guaranteeing #1 rankings with their “unbeatable link building capabilities”. 

    These grifters will offer you thousands of “top-tier” links for an alarmingly cheap rate – one that almost feels too good to be true…

    Take it from us; in the world of digital marketing, when something does feel too good to be true, it almost always is. 

    So, what is one to do? Should you neglect link building entirely? Or should you secure a relationship with a reputable link building agency and do it the right way? 

    We recommend the latter.

    Proven Link Building Strategies that Crush the Competition

    At CSME Marketing, we take great pride in delivering high-quality tailored link building services, at a fair and realistic rate. 

    We utilise a process-driven approach, coupled with cutting-edge link building strategies in order to rescue our clients from the clutches of scammers and deliver them to the serene expanse of genuine digital marketing success. 

    It’s been a long road with a lot of trial and error, but with the best part of a decade in link building under our belt, and a proven track record of success, it’s fair to say that we have cracked it! 

    So, how does it work? And what does it mean for you and your business? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

    SEO Link Building Bangkok, Thailand

    Link building is an integral part of any SEO campaign built for success. If you are in Bangkok, Thailand and you would like to work with a reputable and well-established SEO link building agency, look no further than CSME Marketing. 

    We have helped a number of our Bangkok-based clients dominate the rankings and drive more actionable traffic through their website and we would love to extend the same service to you. 

    If you want to buy high quality backlinks without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Link Building Strategies

    We have developed a number of link building strategies over the years, each of which works exceptionally well for our clients. 

    When putting together a campaign for a new client, we carry out data-driven research to determine which strategy/s will work best given your industry and what your competitors are doing. 

    We focus on the following four areas: 

    • Strategy:

      using competitor-driven data we build the ultimate plan for your website. 

    • Outreach::

      we target high-quality websites and established influencers relevant to your niche & content in order to connect you with your ideal audience.

    • Backlinks:

      we are always striving to earn high authority links by utilising a variety of white-hat link building methods. The goal is to create a robust and authentic backlink profile that commands authority absent unwanted scrutiny.

    • Results:

      we are 100% results driven and search engines always respond well to the links that we build. Results are constantly measured and we are continually pivoting and adapting to ensure full compliance at all times.

    If You Would Like Your Business To Soar

    Thai Language SEO Backlinks


    We employ a number of highly gifted Thai national writers to create quality and relatable content for our Thai clients. In addition to that, all of our Thai clients have alternative English content written for their websites in order to create greater accessibility and relevance. 

    When link building for our Thai clients, the primary focus is to create superior quality SEO backlinks in the Thai language, however, we also can create some English language links to establish a more robust profile as well. 

    In all things we do at CSME Marketing, healthy balance and variety is key.

    White Hat Link Building Agency Bangkok Thailand

    What is ‘white hat’ link building? In a nutshell, ‘white hat’ means above board. It refers to using approved techniques that search engines respond well to, rather than taking shortcuts in order to cheat your way into the top rankings. 

    Unfortunately, there are far more black hat link building agencies in the world than there are white ones. As we mentioned earlier, these companies who can afford to offer you thousands of links for next to nothing are almost certainly using black hat techniques and using such link building strategies will inevitably end in penalisation – which is bad news for business. 

    • White hat link building is about creating rich, relevant, high-quality content with the intention of achieving lasting search engine optimisation results for a number of long term clients. 
    • Black hat link building is about creating quantity over quality with the intention of getting quick, short term results (that ultimately fail) in order to make fast cash from a multitude of ‘clients’. 

    Here are some examples of white hat link building techniques, for your reference:

    • Content contributions: content contributions such as guest blogs and columns are great examples of white hat link building techniques. This is where we reach out to established and authoritative websites in your industry and pitch a topic to write about for them – thus driving authority back to you! 
    • Creating relevant, high-quality, data-driven content: another great approach to white hat link building is by producing irresistible content that other writers and marketers will find useful. When we produce relatable content for you, it’s not uncommon for other people to reference our content in their own articles, thus creating even more authority. 
    • Consistent outreach: another aspect of white-hat link building is reaching out to other authoritative sites and promising to deliver high-quality content in exchange for genuine backlinks.

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    We can answer any questions that you might have, alleviate your anxiety, and start working toward strategizing a link-building campaign for your business that is destined to crush the competition.