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    More than ever, every business knows a social media marketing strategy is a great way to reach out to prospective customers to drive awareness and sales, especially in Thailand. But it is often the case that not knowing where to start or not seeing early efforts come to fruition results in businesses neglecting social media. Failure to engage with your target market on a regular basis through social channels is a huge missed opportunity for exposure and sales.

    Understanding social media marketing in Thailand

    So, what is social media marketing?

    Social media marketing is the utilisation of social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, along with the likes of LinkedIn, and Instagram) in order to connect with your wider audience and to build your brand reputation, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately make more sales.

    This involves publishing premium quality content across your social media platforms, listening and engaging with your followers, analysing the results, and then running social media advertisements in response to your findings.

    Whilst there are certainly plenty of social media management tools out there, finding the time to dedicate to your social growth can be difficult. Thus, outsourcing this requirement to a social media marketing agency based in Bangkok, such as Content’s ME, is an effective way of freeing yourself up to focus on other areas, whilst we do the grunt work on your behalf.

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    The evolution of social media marketing

    Social media marketing began with publishing. Businesses would share content on social media platforms in order to generate traffic and of course, to generate extra sales. Fast forward to today, and social media has matured significantly, beyond the simple broadcasting of content for the sole purpose of sales.

    Today, businesses are using social media in a countless number of different ways. For example, some businesses use social media when they are concerned with what people are saying about their brand and can utilise these platforms to monitor social conversations (and respond accordingly).

    Other businesses who wish to understand how they are performing on social media can use various tools to analyse their reach, engagement, and the number of sales that come directly from their social media pages.

    And then there are those who use social media in order to reach a certain demographic at scale using highly-targeted ads that resonate with a specific group of people that have expressed various interests and traits.

    At Content’s ME Bangkok, we encourage our clients to be doing all of the above! The power of social media is not to be underestimated and when leveraged properly, it can be incredibly lucrative to your business.

    Setup and Branding

    We will set up your brand on suitable social media networks and add imagery and artwork to populate

    Facebook Management

    If you want to utilize facebook to drive sales we can enhance your popularity and gain you thousands of targeted likes

    Intstagram Followers

    Instagram is a major social network Thai consumers use and we can establish your brand with thousands of followers

    Affordable Management

    Gaining a large following online doesn’t need to break the bank with our effective social media strategies

    Our Social media marketing strategy in Bangkok

    Now that you understand the basics of social media marketing in Thailand, let’s start exploring the strategy behind it all in greater depth…

    1. Strategy

    Gone are the days of diving straight in and publishing just anything on social media. First, you must take a step back and examine the bigger picture. The most successful businesses put together a solid social media strategy, first and foremost.

    • What are your goals? What would you like to achieve through social media and how can these platforms help you to achieve those goals? Again, some businesses wish to increase their overall brand awareness, whilst others would like to simply drive more traffic through to their website to increase sales. Another great use for social media is to build a community from which you can serve your customers and offer additional support.
    • Which social media platforms are you most interested in focusing on? The main social media platforms at the moment are: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest (to name a few). In the beginning, it is better to pick a few platforms to grow your audience on and as your success blossoms, you can start expanding that reach to various other up and coming platforms. After all, the bigger the net, the more fish you’ll catch!
    • What type of content would you like to share with your audience? Understanding your audience is key to developing the most appropriate form of content that will resonate. Do you want to share images, videos, or links to other resources? Are you more concerned with educating your audience, or entertaining them? Perhaps both? The way that Content SME operates is by constructing a ‘marketing persona’, so that our content creators can get into the mindset of your audience. Remember, these strategies do not have to be fixed forever! The social media marketing experience is all about evolving and pivoting your strategy in accordance with your overall performance and your changing needs.

    Don’t panic if you are feeling overwhelmed by this stage! You do not need to understand the ins and outs of social media marketing unless you plan to implement everything yourself. The important thing is that you feel confident in your social media marketing and management agency to carry out these duties on your behalf. The only thing that matters: the results!

    2. Planning and Publishing

    For small businesses and large corporate companies alike, social media marketing begins by sharing consistent content and developing a presence on their social media channels. The important thing to remember is that over three billion people (3,000,000,000) use social media in one form or another. By developing your presence on these channels, you will be allowing your brand to be discovered by a wealth of potential ‘ready to spend’ customers!

    The process of publishing to social media is simple enough, either in the form of a shared blog post, a new image, or a video. It’s not so dissimilar to the way in which you share content on your personal social media platforms. Only in this case, you need to plan ahead of time rather than simply publishing spontaneously. Every single word counts!

    And of course, it’s not just about creating amazing content that will resonate with your target audience, but about understanding timing and frequency. What time of day will you be most likely to get the most engagement? How often will you need to post in order to hold your audience’s attention? This is all part of the planning and publishing process; a vital stage in the overall social media marketing strategy and something that our specialists excel at.

    3. Listening and Engagement

    Once your social media presence and following begin to grow (as it inevitably will), the conversations happening about your brand will begin to increase. You’ll find more and more people commenting on your social media posts, tagging you in their own posts, or simply messaging you directly. This is when the real magic begins!

    This is the time for monitoring your social media conversations that pop up about your brand. Whether positive or not, it is important that you engage as much as possible. Either delighting them with a big thank you, or offering them further support in order to try and correct the situation and retain their business in the future.

    There are several ways of doing this. Sure, you can manually check every single notification that you get across all of your social media platforms, though it isn’t the most efficient way of doing so, particularly if you wish to monitor conversations in which your social media profile hasn’t been officially tagged. Instead, there are certain social media listening and engagement tools that we use that aggregate every single mention of your brand and business, including the posts that didn’t physically tag your page.

    This approach is invaluable to engage with as much of your audience as possible. By being present and giving voice to your brand, you can begin to develop strong and lasting relationships with your audience, thus bolstering their loyalty and likelihood to remain with you.

    4. Analytics and Data Collection

    The power of Data in social media marketing (or indeed, digital marketing in general) is not to be underestimated! In fact, you’ll find that every single successful business today is leveraging data on a grand scale!

    As we are publishing more and more content through your social media channels and bolstering the level of engagement that you are receiving, we will need to study how your social media platforms are performing. How many people are you reaching? How many additional followers are you gaining each month? And how many of those followers are using your brand’s hashtags in their own posts?

    Each social media platform provides a basic level of analytics at the very least. Of course, there are many additional analytics tools that we can utilise to monitor this, allowing us to easily compare the data across multiple platforms and leverage that to dial in the message and grow your presence exponentially.

    5. Advertising

    Through digital and social media marketing, as your funds grow, so too will your available budget to invest in further growth. At which point we should be focusing on your social media advertising.

    Utilising social media ads enables you to put out content that will reach a much wider audience than those who are already following you.

    And the best thing about it all is that you can use the various social media advertising platforms to refine your ads and target a very specific demographic. Again, we can create a customer persona and develop target audiences based on various demographics, interests, behaviours, and even their level of education.

    Naturally, as you begin to run social media advertising campaigns across multiple platforms, the process becomes much more complex. This is why you must outsource these requirements to dedicated specialists that can afford the time to refine these campaigns, rather than you getting lost in it all and detracting your time from focusing on what you do best—servicing your valued customers. 

    Thailand based Social media marketing campaigns

    Social media marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. You can start off with a simple product launch, promoting an upcoming event, or simply focusing on giving away free information to your followers to demonstrate your authority within your industry.

    Whatever the case, running a social media campaign requires a great deal of planning and strategizing, including further optimisation on the fly as your audience begins to grow.

    Paid social media advertising agency in Bangkok

    At Content’s ME Bangkok, we are a paid social media marketing agency that is well-versed in developing and running paid advertising campaigns.

    As detailed above, this allows us to go beyond your current audience and start reaching out to new prospects, thus growing your following and attracting a specific demographic to your cause.

    The beautiful thing about paid social media advertising is that you don’t need to have an unlimited budget to get started! We can start off small to find the right groove and develop the message. Only once we have proven to be getting a sufficient amount of conversions, demonstrating an attractive and sustainable ROI, we can then scale it up at a pace with which you are comfortable.


    Our Social media marketing agency in Bangkok

    As an online social media marketing agency based in Bangkok, we can take care of everything for you, from content development to scheduling and publishing. You do not have to relinquish any control of your accounts and can take care of the customer engagement in-house if you like, while we work on the overall social media marketing strategy remotely.

    This allows you to simply log into your social media accounts daily and find a tonne of notifications awaiting you. Then, you can take your time to engage with each and every one of your new followers and begin developing those long-term relationships.

    Trust a social media management company in Thailand

    Of course, managing your social media is a big job, particularly once your audience begins to grow and you end up with 10x the number of followers you had to begin with.

    Again, you are more than welcome to manage your social media accounts by yourself. We can simply focus on growing your audience from our end. However, at Content’s ME, we do offer social media management services.

    This means that we can not only strategize your social media marketing campaigns, but we can also deal with all of the engagement on your behalf; something that may eventually become a necessity as—all going well—you’ll likely be rushed off your feet dealing with a large influx of new customers.

    Of course, it is understandable if you are having any reservations about outsourcing your social media management to a third-party digital marketing agency. You want to ensure that those acting on your behalf will value your brand reputation as much as you do.

    This is something that we take great pride in. All of the clients whose social media platforms we manage are treated as an extension of our own business. In other words, if there is a specific tone, style of language, or even a set script that you would like us to use when engaging with customers on your behalf via your social media channels, we will gladly do so.

    In this case, our fates are entwined as our reputation relies on our integrity and ability to deliver our promise and act as courteous patrons and representatives of your brand and business at all times.


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    Following that, once we have all of the information we need, we can get to work on strategizing an awesome social media marketing campaign that will put you on the map and establish you as a viable contender in your industry.

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