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At CSME Marketing, we offer our clients some of the finest web maintenance services in Thailand. We prefer all of our clients to choose us for handling their web maintenance and management for a number of reasons, but primarily, it’s for both yours and our convenience. We call it, the path of least resistance!

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    Having a third-party company in the mix, hosting your website, can become problematic when it comes to making any changes to your website. If we are handling your SEO, adding regular content to your website, and making important changes to its structure and functionality, having to go through another company can slow the process down to a painful snail’s-pace.

    In many cases, we have dealt with clients who use a third-party web hosting company who take weeks to get back to them over the smallest details. We have even picked up new clients and started work on their website only to find that they haven’t been updated since they were originally built. This is simply not acceptable.

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    We Will Be at Your Every Beck and Call

    CSME Marketing is a web management company in Bangkok, that is dedicated to providing a superior standard of service at all times. We will keep your website up-to-date, well-maintained, and to put it simply: be at your every beck and call.
    Whenever you want any changes made to your website, you won’t have to wait for permission or access from a separate hosting company. Instead, you can deal directly with us.
    But why us? What are the benefits of switching your hosting from your original provider, to a digital marketing agency that also provides web design, and website management? Let’s find out…

    Keep Your Website Secure

    When hosting your website through CSME Marketing, we can ensure that the code, software, and information on your website will be entirely secure.

    Keeping Up Appearances

    We will keep your website well-maintained and up to date. This doesn’t just mean updating any plugins and software on your website but ensuring that there are no broken links.

    As a website grows and more content is added, there are many things that can go wrong. Most hosting companies do not have the resources (or the interest) in staying on top of every aspect of your website. Why? Because they may be hosting thousands of others.

    To them, it’s a numbers game. They aren’t interested in how successful your brand and business are, or whether or not your users have a good experience when logging onto your website. All they need to do is keep it up and running, as per the terms of your initial agreement.

    As a digital marketing agency, it is in our best interest to ensure that your website is absolutely perfect. We are in the business of delivering results, and that means keeping your website pristine and free of any faults.

    Fresh Content

    One crucial aspect of maintaining a website, is keeping the content fresh and up to date. What if you have sold out of a specific product? Or perhaps you are no longer providing a particular service? You need an active and engaged web maintenance provider who will be able to make these changes for you on the fly.

    In addition to that, it is always helpful to deal directly with the company that is developing the content for you. This means that as soon as we have fresh content for you, we can put it up immediately, rather than having to pass it to you, to then pass on to the hosting company, for them to upload when they are good and ready.

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    Quality SEO

    Dedicated hosting companies do not specialise in SEO. We do! This means that we can work on the backend of your website and ensure that every single detail has been well-optimised in accordance with Google’s strict search algorithms. We can do this without having to go through a third-party and make any relevant changes as and when the need arises.

    Regular Backup

    By choosing CSME Marketing as your dedicated web maintenance company in Thailand, we can ensure that your website is regularly backed up. There are two elements that must be backed up at all times:

    • Code (Javascript, PHP code, HTML, CSS, themes, plugins, other files).
    • Content (Text, images, videos, audios, etc.).

    Because we will actively be adding fresh content to your website and making regular changes throughout your digital marketing journey, we will be forever on top of backing everything up appropriately, both for yours and our benefit.

    Again, when hosting through a third-party company, it is all too easy for them to grow complacent, because they will not be making regular changes to your website. Unless prompted, many hosting companies have been known to simply leave a website as it is. So long as it is still live, who is going to notice?

    Constantly Improve the User Experience

    User-experience is one of the most underrated, yet fundamental parts of a successful SEO campaign. Hosting companies leave the finer details to the client. It isn’t their job to keep your website up to date and functionally perfect. That is where we come in. We can ensure that your website functions as optimally as possible at all times.


    What many people don’t realise, is that when they initially pay a company for hosting their website, that is literally all they are getting as part of the deal. The money you pay each month, is simply to keep the website live and running.

    That doesn’t include the plethora of other back-end tasks that need to be carried out in order to keep your website running optimally.

    Who’s going to do it? Do you have the time to stay on top of everything? Do you even know what needs to be done?

    Cut out all of the nonsense, and rest assured that your website will be in the absolute best of hands. By investing in CSME Marketing  as your dedicated web maintenance company in Bangkok, we will not only ensure that your website is kept live, but that it will stand out from your competitors for being a premium quality, fully-functional, and flawless digital shopfront for your brand and business.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, or you’d like more information on how to make the transition from your current web-hosting company to our superior service, then please feel free to contact us today. We won’t bombard you with any unnecessary jargon. We will simply tell you straight, what needs to be done, and provide you with a smooth and seamless transition.