One of the toughest challenges for new business owners to manage, is self-promotion and marketing. It’s something that takes quite some time to master. 

Whether you are acquiring these new skills yourself via self-education and research, or if you decide to hire the experts to assist you, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. 

Fortunately, there is an awesome new tool at your disposal, which can make these trickier aspects of running a business seamless and much smoother. 

Yes, we are talking about ‘Google Small Thanks’, which is a new tool that is designed to help smaller businesses succeed with their marketing. 

On this page, we’re going to dive in and take a closer look at what Google Small Thanks is, and how it can greatly benefit your business. 

What is ‘Google Small Thanks?’

So, what is Google Small Thanks? Well, for anyone starting out in business, it’s no secret that acquiring as many quality Google reviews as possible, is a crucial step in boosting your overall visibility, credibility, and indeed, your search result rankings. 

The way Google Small Thanks works, is by offering businesses a way to leverage those positive reviews and make them easy to share with potential customers as a means of self-promotion. 

In other words, it allows you to show off your reviews in a unique and engaging way! 

This is done by finding your business via the Small Thanks website, allowing you to bring out all of the best reviews that you have, and put them into stunning and engaging designs that can be used to populate your social media platforms, to add to newsletters, and to feature on your website. 

There is nothing quite as important as ‘social proof’ in today’s world of online business 

Without social proof, it can be tricky to acquire new customers. After all, why would someone choose your business, with no reviews, over a competitor, who has plenty? 

This is why it is important to try and encourage your customers to provide feedback. If they expressed to you how much they have enjoyed your service / products, then asking them to leave a review and tell any potential customers what they are missing out on, is a fair enough request. 

Most people would be delighted to provide feedback and help prop up their favourite businesses! 

It’s also a great way of finding out how you can improve your service as well. As such, when someone leaves a review with some criticism, you can address those issues and do everything you can to turn that negative experience, into a positive! 

And the best part about Google Small Thanks, is you can start turning those positive reviews into all manner of media items to share with your audience and any prospective customers who are perhaps, on the fence about whether or not to invest their money in your products and services. 

What are the various content types for Google Small Thanks? 

Now that you know what Google Small Thanks is, what type of content can you leverage using the tool? 

One of the most amazing features of Google Small Thanks, is that you can easily create a wide-variety of different content types in order to bolster your marketing campaign with genuine and credible sources, all of which point back to your business at the mere click of a button. 

This feature is invaluable and can allow you to choose from the following amazing features: 

Create posters 

You can use one of your favourite client reviews, invitations, or slogans, and fashion them into sleek, original, and AI-designed posters which can be printed out and sent to you for displaying in your establishment. 

Throughout history, posters have been one of the most effective, ‘tried and tested’ forms of marketing. In fact, they can even be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt! 

The style of poster that you display can set the overall mood of your business and establishment, helping the client to fit into a certain state of mind that you’d like to evoke. 

As an example, if you run a fashion shop, you can use posters with various quotes from models about body-positivity and confidence. This is an effective way of building a brand-identity with which your ideal audience and potential customers can associate with. 

But when those quotes are from real people who love and engage with your brand, it adds a certain level of credibility to your business and fills potential customers who are just discovering your brand for the first time, with confidence. 

Design stickers 

Google Small Thanks can also allow you to produce a wide variety of different stickers that can be added to car windows, backpacks, water bottles, vending machines, people’s laptops, and anywhere else they’d love to display your brand. In doing so, stickers are a truly brilliant marketing tool as they can spread your brand-influence in a permanent way. 

When executed properly, this can instil your subliminal marketing message everywhere, thus generating more curiosity about, and interest in, your business. 

Imagine someone walking down the street, minding their own business, when they see a car pass with one of your stickers on it. Then, further down the line they pass a shop and see yet another one of your stickers on the back of somebody’s backpack. 

This is a sure-fire way of securing yourself yet even more customers, with very little work required on your end! 

Share compelling social media posts 

But it’s not just physical media that Google Small Thanks can produce. In fact, all of the amazing designs that can be created via this awesome service can be saved and shared digitally via your social media campaigns. 

This is an amazing tool as new content can be created with great ease, thus significantly expanding your online presence without the need for a large investment of manpower. 

In addition to that, as previously mentioned, as these social media posts will feature genuine reviews of your products and services, they will carry so much more weight than simply sharing a post that says: “We’re amazing, our products are great, come and buy some”. 

Today, it’s all about demonstrating genuine authority to your potential customers. 

Video marketing is crucial 

It’s not just still images that you can create via Google Small Thanks either. In fact, you can easily create amazing promotional videos with slogans, real-time data, and customer testimonials. These can be designed with all manner of effects, animations, and resources, thus proving to be of exceptional quality and further spread throughout the web. 

And, given the fact that video ads have a much higher engagement rate than any other format, it makes the medium a must-have when it comes to getting your message out there and demonstrating your authority. 

How can Google Small Thanks benefit your business? 

Google Small Thanks can benefit your business in a great number of ways, but one of the most crucial is by creating backlinks. For every social media share, for every amazing review that you put out into the world, anyone who stumbles upon it will have a direct link back to your website, thus solidifying your position, and reputation. 

  • Free marketing: Is there any better form of marketing than free marketing? Certainly, you should be investing in your business where necessary, but it’s also worth getting your hands on some free marketing tools as well, and Google Small Thanks offers plenty of opportunity for marketing your business at no additional cost! This is especially handy if you are a small business, and you don’t have a huge amount of available budget to spend just yet. 
  • Ideal for small businesses: Sure, the big companies may certainly be dominating traditional advertising, but when it comes to Google Maps, it’s an even playing field where it simply comes down to location and convenience. Google Small Thanks is a beautiful tool that allows local businesses to thrive! 
  • Compatible with Google ads: And another great benefit of using Google Small Thanks, is that they are compatible with Google Ads. In fact, the two tools can work seamlessly together, enabling you to create content and give them an extra boost to reach yet even more potential customers! 
  • Make your business even easier to find: Everyone uses Google to find local attractions. Let’s say you are in a new area for the first time and want to grab a bite to eat. Where do you turn? You jump on Google and search for the best restaurants near you! Well, when your business is listed on Google Maps, and you’ve got plenty of Google Small Thanks reviews and media out there, it will encourage more potential customers to find you, follow the links, and ultimately drop in! 
  • Provide more useful information: Google Small Thanks designs take the most relevant reviews and information (i.e., business operation hours, parking, and accessibility) about your business and puts them together in sleek and elegant designs, allowing more potential customers to find out precisely what they need to know. When your business is popping up on their smart phones, with quality reviews and detailed boasts about your products and/or services, then you’ll find that much more people will find their way to you. 
  • Greater authenticity: When you receive a quality review from a happy customer, it adds more credibility and authenticity to your business. They are essentially ‘vouching’ for you and telling anyone who reads the review that if they drop in and visit your business, they will not be dissatisfied! 

The bigger the net, the more fish you’ll catch! 

The beautiful thing about Google Small Thanks, is it allows smaller businesses to cast a wider net and ultimately start pulling in more customers. But don’t stop there! There are many other amazing forms of marketing that when paired together, can achieve the most incredible results. 

For example, when you use Google Small Thanks to pull some positive reviews and transform them into attractive social media posts, why not give them a boost with paid advertising and increase your reach even further? 

If you would like to explore the world of online marketing further and require some affordable solutions for small businesses that will provide a substantial return on your investment, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.  


And that about sums it up! Google Small Thanks is a free tool that you can use to turn your customers into advocates. It allows you to take your favourite reviews, the one’s that offer the most accurate information and lets potential customers know just how wonderful your business is and share them with the world. 

You should be proud of your positive reviews. Each time that you receive a new one, it is further proof that you are keeping your promise of providing quality service and superior products. So, why not show them off? 

Google Small Thanks is a means of taking pride in your success and using it to further fuel your trajectory by attracting even more customers to give your business a try and put their faith in you. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful and wish you the very best of luck, and every success, with growing your business.