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Would you like to advertise your brand on the world’s second-largest and most popular website? One that attracts over 2 billion visitors each month? If so, then our YouTube ads and Video marketing services in Bangkok, Thailand are perfect for you.

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    We can help you decide how to best allocate your video ad budget in order to reach a vast audience with powerful targeting capabilities. 

    It is a complex method that certainly isn’t the most intuitive social media advertising platform, but our experts are well-versed in strategizing effective campaigns that can convert customers with a high ROI down the line. 

    The Various YouTube ad types we use in Bangkok Thailand

    • ‘Skippable’ in-stream ads
    • ‘Non-skippable’ in-stream ads (and bumper ads)
    • Video discovery ads (or in-display ads)
    • Non-video ads (e.g., overlays and banners)

    Our YouTube marketing and advertising experts can help fine-tune your YouTube marketing strategy. Let’s break each one down into further detail for you…

    1 – Skippable In-stream Video Ads

    As a consumer, you will be all too aware of these ads. Also known as pre-roll or mid-roll ads, their defining feature is the fact that viewers can skip them after 5 seconds. 

    Fortunately, as an advertiser, you will only need to pay if a viewer actually chooses to watch beyond the first 5 seconds as opposed to clicking off the ad. 

    These ads can be anywhere between 12 seconds and 3 minutes (though longer than 3 minutes is almost certainly too long for an advert).

    The first 5 seconds are, of course, the most crucial, particularly if you want people to stick around to see the whole thing. If anyone watches for more than 30 seconds or ultimately clicks on the ad itself, then you will pay. 

    The Sidebar: TrueView is the term used to describe the payment type, whereby you only pay for an ad impression should a customer choose to watch your advert. 

    2 – Non-skippable In-stream Video Ads

    As 76% of users automatically skip adverts on YouTube, some advertisers would prefer to run with pre or mid-roll ads that do not offer a skip option. 

    This is a viable option if you want to raise your brand awareness and are confident in the fact that your creative ad is compelling enough to hold your audiences’ attention for the full duration of the 15 seconds—which is where we come in. Our creative YouTube video ad specialists can create some amazing content for you! 

    Bumper Ads: Bumper ads are short and snappy videos at 6 seconds long. 

    3 – Discovery Adverts 

    Discovery ads are less like a traditional TV commercial, and more like something you would see on a Google SERP (search results page). 

    Discovery ads essentially show up alongside regular organic search results when searching for a video. So, if your video ad looks more relevant than the other organic search results which have appeared, then your audience will choose to watch that instead. 

    A discovery ad will typically use three lines of text alongside a thumbnail. Those who are interested will click the ad and be sent through to either your video page, or indeed your YouTube channel. 

    The Sidebar: Discovery ads are also ‘TrueView’ ads, where people must actively watch them before you are charged. 

    4 – Non-Video Adverts 

    Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a non-video advert on YouTube, and this is suitable for those who have a small budget to start with. So, if you are interested in getting started on YouTube, but don’t want to dive in with too much budget just yet, the YouTube marketing and advertising team at CSME Marketing – Content’s ME in Bangkok can get you started with a simpler approach.

    • Display ads: These appear in the sidebar to the right-hand side, including imagery and text, coupled with a CTA and a link that heads back to your website. 
    • In-video overlay ads: These will float on top of video content, from monetised YouTube channels. 

    Ideally, you want these types of ads to appear in conjunction with related content, however, this won’t always be the case. 

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    How We Advertise On YouTube in Bangkok Thailand

    Now that you have the basics, let’s start digging deeper into the way that we will manage and operate your YouTube marketing and advertising campaign in Thailand.

    Step 1 – Construct Your Campaign

    First, we need to understand your campaign goal, based on your marketing objectives for your brand: 

    • Make sales
    • Generate leads
    • Increase traffic to your website 
    • Product and brand consideration 
    • Build brand awareness and increase reach 

    Following that, we will select your campaign type (i.e., Video or Discovery campaigns in order to show your video content to more people on YouTube).

    Next up we will look at your video campaign subtype. 

    And of course, we will come up with a compelling campaign name, thus making it easier to manage, locate, and optimise as we progress into the future. 

    Step 2 – Defining Your Campaign Parameters 

    First, we will define your bid strategy (e.g., do you want clicks, impressions, or conversions?) 

    Then, we need to look at the type of budget that you will be working with at first. How much are you willing to spend on your campaign? And how long do you plan to run the campaign for? (don’t worry, our expert YouTube marketing and advertising experts can take care of the nitty gritty for you). 

    Following that, we will then decide where your ads are going to show up on YouTube: 

    • Discovery only (i.e., in a YouTube SERP)
    • All over YouTube
    • A YouTube display network (e.g., a non-YouTube affiliate website)

    Another important factor is choosing the language and location that you want to target. For example, since we are a YouTube Ads and Video Marketing Agency in Bangkok, Thailand, the majority of our clientele will likely want to target Thai nationals within the SEA region. 

    Next up, we then decide on how sensitive your brand safety guidelines will be. For example: how much in the way of profanity, sexual, or violent content are you happy to have your ads run alongside? The smaller the pool of videos, the more expensive your campaign will be. However, if you are targeting a younger audience, then there’s no use in having your adverts show up alongside “The Top 10 Most Gruesome Horror Movie Scenes”. 

    This brings us to the next step…

    Step 3 – Understanding Your Target Audience 

    If you haven’t already created your ‘buyer persona’, our creative YouTube marketing experts will happily help you with the process. The more we understand about your audience, the easier it will be for us to target them and tailor the Video content to their tastes, thus giving you a much greater chance of securing a higher return on your investment. 

    • Demographic: The demographic of your desired audience covers age, gender, parental status, household income, and more. In addition to that, YouTube offers a more in-depth and detailed ‘life-stage’ analysis, allowing us to target—say for example—new homeowners, or students. 
    • Interests: Interests allow us to dial in on certain buzzwords that your ideal audience will be interested in, based on their past behaviour on YouTube. This is precisely what enables YouTube to dial in on your ideal customer at the most crucial moments (e.g., when a user is researching the best hotels in Bangkok, your luxury hostel will appear). 
    • Remarketing/retargeting: We can target audiences who have already previously interacted with your website, app, or other videos. 

    Step 4 – We Go LIVE with Your Campaign

    Now we enter the link to your ad and start running your campaign live! This is where we can get creative and ambitious and experiment with ad sequence campaigns, upload multiple types of ads in order to support one another, and arrange them to show in front of your audience in a specific order. 

    We Always Adopt the Best Practices with YouTube Advertising 

    YouTube is a vast and powerful advertising engine that is capable of many different optimisation tweaks, however, your ad’s overall success will hinge on how they connect with the people you are targeting. This means that our creative choices are vital! Let’s take a look at some of the approaches that we will adopt: 

    Hook Your Audience Immediately 

    Resonating with your audience using a strong mood, emotion, or even a familiar face (should you have the budget for it) is key to hooking someone into watching an advert on YouTube. 


    Establish Your Brand Early 

    Some of the best-performing ads are those whose brand appears in the video within the first five seconds, and then consistently appears throughout the rest of the ad. Of course, this depends on the type of ad that you are running, for example: ads that are aimed at those further down the funnel may be better off introducing the brand later, allowing the viewer to fully engage with the story of the advert and thus driving higher watch times. By the end, they will be more susceptible to connecting with your brand, as they have lived the experience and hung around long enough to see it through. 

    Branding is so much more than simply throwing your logo into the mix within the first five seconds of the advert. The best video ads wholeheartedly personify your brand in such a way, that every detail in the video supports the overall tone, vision, and character of the advert. 

    Don’t worry if you are feeling a little lost at this stage! Our content creators at Content’s ME Bangkok are well-versed in creating stunning, compelling, and brand-capturing content that will resonate with your ideal ‘customer persona’. 

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    We Utilise Story and Emotion to Capture and Hold Attention 

    At CSME Marketing – Content’s ME, we are avid storytellers. After all, that is—at its heart—what marketing and advertising is; it’s telling a compelling story, driven by emotion, designed to hook people into taking a certain action. So, let’s go for it and really tell a compelling story that effortlessly captures the essence of your brand and business! 

    Showing People What to do Next 

    Having an amazing YouTube ad is all well and good if people have no idea what to do next! The ultimate measure of its success is an advert that then clearly indicates that action needs to be taken next in order to continue along the path of discovery. 

    If your campaign goals are the lower-funnel actions, for example, clicking, selling, converting, or driving more traffic, then an ad set-up such as TrueView is the best approach. This offers the viewer additional ‘clickable’ elements on your ad, allowing customers to click through and take action before watching the video to the end (perfect for well-optimised videos that grab attention early on). 

    Will You Join Us for a FREE Strategy Session? 

    Naturally, by this stage, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information provided on this YouTube ads and marketing service page. And the fact is, we are only scraping the surface! There is so much more to crafting, running, and maintaining an effective YouTube video ad campaign in Thailand, which we will be happy to share with you as we progress. 

    In our FREE strategy, we will identify what your overall goals are. We can get to know one another to see if we are a good fit, and then work on understanding your brand, business, and ultimate vision so that our creatives can get to work on crafting the ultimate YouTube marketing campaign for your brand and business. 

    Simply contact us today and we can get the ball rolling at your convenience! 

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